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What's GED?
I can't determine whether it's a nationally standardized exam (you'd think it would be, but then why the discrepancy regarding what it stands for?). Why should it? High Schools don't have nationally standardized exams do they.Yeah, most high school students take those and some take the ACT tests, but those aren't required for graduation though. Just for college admission, unless you take courses from a JC, like I did, before transferring to a university. Then you can take some oth...

what can i do for Supervisor Training ?
what can i do for Supervisor Training ? Here at Fogler Library, we have started a Support Staff Supervisors group, made up of non-librarians who supervise other staff and students. We meet monthly and are planning some training for ourselves and hope to eventually include training sessions for other staff as well.-For the past five years we have had a number of standing committees in the library. Our committees are a mix of professional and classified staff; everyone is on at least ...

Anybody have any opinions on where to get some good training in Stage Hypnosis
Anybody have any opinions on where to get some good training in Stage Hypnosis I see that Stage Hypnosis Center and J Royle seem to come out on top of the www searches. I spend a lot of time in both the UK and USA so both these are a possibility for me. However I dont seem to be able to find any ubiased reviews of these or any others. Anybody got any strong opinions on either of these or can offer any where else that offers good training.-I am not sufficiently familiar with either of tho...

More on Education Schools?
All five regents schools in Kansas do and I believe the same is true of Iowa. Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado all offer majors, but I don't know if all of their state universities do. So if you have no education major, how are your teachers trained? Or are they?To answer your question, the course of study for prospective teacher in California depends on whether they are interested in teaching elementary ed. or secondary ed. If they are interested in elementary ed. they ar...

Pharmacy Continuing Education
Didn;t the pharmacy license require a PhD at one time? Also, it is a license or certification? While I'm asking, is there licensure/certification for all those pharmacy techs?We (techs) are not "allowed" to make otc drug recommendations. (at least in our state) Any question that we get which may cause someone harm goes to the pharmacist. They have insurance and are legally responsible for the outcome. If I tell someone to take something for their congestion and it is interacts wit...

Distance education for nurses
Can anybody give me references to some schools offering distance education at Bachelors level for Nurses.Check out Ball State University's offerings. There is an RN Completion program. has 9 different BSN programs you can choose from, listed in their database. I read with interest the bit on distance learning. I have worked some with it, and found it exciting. Takes a lot of know-how in several areas, faxing, ...

Distributed Learning vs. Distance Learning/Education ?
I am troubled by your surrender sir. While I am no fan of fads or jargon for jargon's sake, I do happen to believe that what this discussion is reaching for is a term which better defines what we are doing than "distance" learning/educating/etc. This is not to say that jargon can't be abused, as in your example, but neither do I think that the participants in this discussion are of that ilk. I know that I do not use distance education because I feel that technology and reality have m...

online learning java for web usage
I'm adept at Cold Fusion and not too bad at PHP, and these are both non OOP. I'd like to learn Java as an alternative to these two languages, and I'm having trouble finding where to start. Are there any resources that teach the Java needed for scripting vs full fledged stand alone applications? Also, can someone tell me some benefits of java vs. other languages for simple things? If I just needed a form processor or some scripting to drop info in a database, is one language really th...

looking for some sales training in Dallas ?
Business Development Company is seeking an individual with Sales Management, Sales Training, and business to business sales experience. We are a growing National Business Development company providing Marketing, Advertising, Sales Consulting & Training, and Sales Staffing services to businesses. We are hiring a Project Manager/Consultant to facilitate sales projects for our small busines services division. Who can ?-I am an independent recruiter. A great client of mine is seeking a Dire...

Tax relief on self-financed training?
I am currently working full-time and am considering undertake a part-time 2 year training course leading to a recognised qualification (a Finance MBA equivalent). I would be paying for this course myself and was wondering whether there would be any tax relief available to me ?I wake up one morning and decide I want to be a plumber, since it seems to be like having money on tap. I make some enquiries and find that any Tom Dick and Harry can call themselves a plumber and there is...

Banning sex education is schools?
Banning sex education is schools?There were 490 female students at Timken High School in 2005, and 65 were pregnant, WEWS-TV in Cleveland reported. The new Canton school board program promotes abstinence but also will teach students who decide to have sex how to do so responsibly, bringing the city school district's health curriculum in line with national standards ... the new curriculum moves beyond the "Just Say No" approach ... 104 of the 586 babies born to Canton residents in A...

how do you think about online defensive driving course?
Thinking about taking an online defensive driving course?I live in Texas and I have just finished a defensive driving course on I didn't like my experience. First, it took way too much time. It has a clock on each page. You can not get to the next page without waiting for the clock to go to zero, even if you need only a fraction of the time on the clock to go through the page. It also not only has a final exam, which is not a big deal, it also has one or more te...

High School Course Catalogs
We are thinking about putting our high school course catalog online. Our goal is to not just publish the catalog in a Word or Adobe format, but to give our students a catalog they can interact with and use to plan their high school courses. I have searched the web and found surprisingly few examples of online high school catalogs. CourseCat com is a professional service who does this, but I'm looking for some examples of high schools who currently are running an online catalog of their...

Does anyone know if you can obtain your GED online?You can take GED preparation courses online and there are numerous study aids. However, you can't take the actual test online, which is supervised. In answer to your question, no. You may be able to find online resource materials which would help you pass the GED, however, testing is quite strict and very, very confidential. According to the American Council on Education: "Because of the contractual, technical, and security i...

Taking Ged Test Online
I am twenty-two years old and I want to take my general equivalency diplomma. I reside in Brooklyn, New York and I am searching for a non-profit organization that can help me study for my GED at home. The type of program that I am interested in would allow me the opportunity to study the subjects and take the tests at home. I would like to avoid going to a testing center and would much rather take the subject tests at home. Can you please contact me at with any in...

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