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Distance Education: A First Hand Account and Advice. ?
If you are considering Distance Education classes? You might benefit from reading some first hand accounts Distance Learning. On the up side there are great opportunities to learn and earn degrees. On the downside, some of the classes are not well organized, lack interaction and have sub-par teachers. Learn more about the ups and downs of distance education from a free article from "Distance Education: A First Hand Account and Advice."

Failing that does anyone have a source of model diesel fuel in Canda?
I am having problems locating a source of Cetane diesel fuel additive suitable for model diesel engine fuels. Can anyone point me to a source in Canada? I live in Kelowna, BC. Failing that does anyone have a source of model diesel fuel in Canda?Many years ago, following an article in Aeromodeller, I successfully ran diesel engines on a mixture of kerosene and modified rape seed oil with the addition of one or two percent Isopropyl Nitrate. If you wish, I'll dig out the relevant information...

Distance Learning Through Education Direct, distance learning-certification
I'm hoping someone can direct me to a Masters in Education program that leads to certification in the US and can be done through distance learning. I have searched quite a bit, but as yet, I have not found a program. If you could email your responses, I would appreciate it.I don't know about a Master's program, but the University of Phoenix offers an on-line Post-BA Teacher Certification program. Just be REAL careful about scam institutions where all you are really doing is "buyin...

Sandler Sales Institute and Training ?
Sandler Sales Institute and Training ? I've been in business for 1.5 years. I have a problem with getting customers to close/commit to the service. I've contacted Sandler Sales Institute for advice. Has anyone heard of Sandler? Is it a reputable company? Any advice?-If you are having doubt about this company check references. This sounds so simple but if they can perform they will not hesitate to let you call clients. You did not specify your problem in depth, i will assume you ...

Online learning for networking
Does anyone know of a good place to learn networking on line?? to work with WinNT/2000 and Win98?? hopefully free or for a very good price.I would start here: J Helmig home page Detailed instruction on the installation of a network. Other resources look up Networking on my home page....

Vancouver School Board Continuing Education
1. What is the Home Education Mailing List all about? 2. How can I contact individual subscribers who are in the same geographical area, or who have children the same age as mine? 3. Why do people choose to educate their children at home? 4. What is the difference between homeschooling and unschooling? 5. What are the regulations for homeschooling in my state? How many days/hours are you required to teach? At what age is my child required to attend school?he H...

Would I be able to exchange my UK driving licence for Ontario's Driving licence or do I have to take a driving test.
Would I be able to exchange my UK driving licence for Ontario's Driving licence or do I have to take a driving test.I'm afraid for Ontario you'll have to take a test. Ontario has a graduated lisence system, starting with a basic written test to get your G1 lisence which is pretty similar to an Learners Permit in UK. then you have that for i think 8-12 months and then you can take a practical test to get a G2 lisence which allows you to drive on yoru own but has restrictions like you ...

Any distance education universities in India?
I noticed that someone fairly local had a masters degree from an Indian University. As he didn't fit the ethnic profile, I checked out the school. It was a prominent university that had no distance program. He must have attended residentially. Be careful with Indian schools, because there are many with limited recognition and resources are limited to determine the good from the bad from the ugly.BITS Pilani has been offering courses via distance education for a while (atleast ...

Www Ged
I had to leave high school out of nesessity (I am on my own at an early age), and I got my GED. I'd like to try to attend a four year school, in spite of that. Basically, what I'd like to know is where I might have the most luck applying to in the VA/NC/SC/TN/GA area? Any help would be appreciated.I was in the same situation as you were, though I left high school not out of necessity but for specifically for early entrance to college. After having explored many options, I decided to e...

Online Faculty/Teaching Positions
Does anyone know where to find Online Faculty/Teaching positions?This is not easy but by networking it can be done. Also find colleges offering online degree programs and search their page. They generally have a staff page or HRM page where they have a link to see what jobs are available and sometimes an online form to apply. Keep applying until you find something. Generally an MS is needed and PhD preferred. Good luck. Adjunct Advocate is a journal for adjunct faculty and has been doing m...

How do you think about Parent Taught Drivers Ed?
He will be 16 next year and can get his drivers' license. We have Geico insurance, and I think that they sock it to you of the dependent doesn't have a certificate from a driving school or has taken drivers' ed in public school. Might be unaffordable unless he can get the price break for having completed an acceptable course. I think I heard that there is some computer driving simulator /course that does qualify but don't know the name of the program. He is already set up with a...

MS of Software Engineering/University of Maryland/Thoughts?
I've been thinking about graduate school, particularly getting a Masters in Software Engineering. First of all, I'm not entirely sure it is worth it - I mean, would a MS in Comp Sci be better? Secondly, I'm limited in where I would take in - Washington, DC and surrounding area. First of all, does anyone have any thoughts on the value of the MS of S/E or MS of Comp Sci? I'm currently a computer consultant, I guess you would consider me mid-level in my career. How valuable woul...

Real Estate Continuing Education Course
I am going to work towards getting my real estate agent license for Tennessee and would like to know if there is a particularly good study book/series? I have an undergrad degree in Accounting/Finance and have had one college course in the Fundamentals of Real Estate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!Along with the previous information about obtaining any type of licensure, you should know the following: Most states require a two-part course of education. Don't get ...

what can i do for Supervisor Training ?
what can i do for Supervisor Training ? Here at Fogler Library, we have started a Support Staff Supervisors group, made up of non-librarians who supervise other staff and students. We meet monthly and are planning some training for ourselves and hope to eventually include training sessions for other staff as well.-For the past five years we have had a number of standing committees in the library. Our committees are a mix of professional and classified staff; everyone is on at least ...

i want more detail about SALES TRAINING JOB ?-Extensive experience as workshop facilitator and sales training consultant on four continents. Published author in field of sales psychology Writer and designer of assessment-based training programs in - basic sales training skills - prospecting & recruiting - leadership training - conflict management & negotiation training Earned Doctorate (Organizational Management) Masters in Counseli...

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